Jason Mitchell Mastering

Professional World Class Mastering (Analogue & Digital Hybrid Studio)

"...Nice one for letting us limited budget lot use your ears and facilities for a great price!"
A Digital Mind with an Analogue Heart.
Engineered by humans, not algorithms...

Mastering your music made simple. Perfectly suited for downloads and digital stores, single tracks or full albums!

Critically acclaimed mastering engineer Jason Mitchell's mastering service, offers a fast, low cost, very high quality audio mastering that's not all done "in the box". With a select combination of high definition analogue outboard and world class plugins, Jason Mitchell Mastering offers the best hybrid between analogue and digital equipment to tailor your sound perfectly for your next release.
So why entrust your music to a simple algorithm?

Simply click the red Upload button, browse for your track, enter your email address, let us know any comments and click send!

Experienced, professional audio mastering with a quick, unique service at an affordable price, exclusively from a world class engineer!

Invest in the future of your music career with exceptional mastering today!

  • We will overview your music, provide a quality check, correct eq/level (if necessary) to a commercially acceptable level and tidy the fronts and ends.

  • If your project is an EP or album we will compile it for release, insert ISRC, text and UPC and run your DDP master.

  • Use our simple Paypal payment system, no Paypal account required.

  • Download and distribute your master, standard 16bit 44.1k WAV accepted by all digital stores (other formats available).

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