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Jason Mitchell Mastering is a service aimed at professional musicians, record labels and musicians on a budget. Jason Mitchell Mastering’s primary goal is to provide a professional mastering service at a very competitive price point. With 20 years experience in the audio mastering industry and a proven track record on countless releases, Jason Mitchell Mastering offers an amazing quality for price ratio that stands above the competition.

Mastering music involves listening to the content and making critical decisions based on the program material. You can’t expect to simply press a button on a computer and the perfect master to be delivered, computers can’t hear, human mastering engineers can! Founded in the professional LOUD Mastering studio, Jason Mitchell Mastering has professionally mastered releases from all corners of the globe satisfying many styles and genres from downloads to CD’s to film.

Recognising a niche in the market, Jason Mitchell Mastering decided to provide a service where the technical expertise of a genuine mastering engineer could be employed at a low cost by everybody. Many major mastering rooms do provide an online service but keep the prices beyond most independent musicians and small labels. We offer a bespoke service at a smaller cost with the aim to present high quality mastering as an alternative to the cheap, low quality solutions on offer elsewhere. This, we hope, can make the difference to your music.

We don’t think you should be tied in to a complicated subscription fee, Jason Mitchell Mastering is a pay-as-you-need service. To keep Jason Mitchell Mastering’s price low, we offer an “in the box” software mastering solution that has been researched and created over years of testing. This system is more akin to the studio and outboard gear method, selecting the right tools for the job manually, rather than an automated processing chain or a “one plugin fixes all” approach. The software and plugins used have been researched and compared to genuine outboard units in our world class mastering room and selected for this system exclusively, we use UA, Waves and Sonnox plugins. LOUD Mastering’s engineer, Jason, is a critically acclaimed mastering engineer and actively works our world class analogue studio for major labels and independent artists. A combined technical expertise and carefully selected software means a genuine human approach to mastering.

If you have any questions, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!


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Just had a listen to the master…great work again! You captured that natural vibe I had in mind bang on! Love it.
Nice one for letting us limited budget lot use your ears and facilities for a great price! – Craig

Just heard it and loved it, Jason! Thank you so much! – Hector

Thanks Jas’, that sounds great! – Marcus

Love it love it! Thank you. Super skills my friend. – Lyn

Thank you again for your excellent work on this. It really shocks me every time I hear how clear everything becomes! – Ben

This is a sweet sounding track from start to end. Cool dynamics and nice EQ! Thank you for this master! – Spiros

Everything sounds great, thanks very much! – Sean

Thanks again, great job. Pleasure working with you and thanks for the kind words re: the music itself. – Rich

Spent the whole morning testing the master on different systems. Brilliant job mate! Sound’s so good on everything. First time I’ve ever heard a track sound nice and detailed on a DVD player through a bog standard T.V! The way you’ve made the vocals fuller, track more alive in a natural and sweet way is pure brilliant. Nice one again Jason! Defo will be using you on future projects. – Craig