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Jason Mitchell – Mastered For Who?! – A CV (but not complete!)

Mastering online is a complicated affair, the potential client is faced with a myriad of offers all over the world vying for their mastering projects! So why should you master with us?

I suppose the best way to convince you of our mastering heritage is to quietly boast about my previous clients. I have been in this game for a long time and I’m lucky enough (through the main studio and by my own reputation) to have amassed a lengthy client list of major and independent artists. In my eyes these clients are as valuable as each other and it’s the founding reason for offering potential clients the same standard of mastering.

The client base is worldwide. We have USA, UK, Brazil, Colombia, India, Ireland, France, Australia, Belgium, Russia, Italy, Denmark, Africa, Scotland, Mauritius…

So, onto a list. Lists are boring but can show a wealth of information if you recognise a name. They can also show how serious we are about our mastering service!

This is by no means a complete list, I’ll add to it as time goes on and I either remember old projects, or start new projects! But to give you an idea of artists I’ve worked for (and this is mainly the last few years where I can quickly scan some hard drives!), feel free to have a search through this lot:

Artist – Project:

Jason Mitchell – Mastering CV – Working at LOUD Mastering either in the main analogue studio or at Jason Mitchell Mastering


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