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Upload & Book a Mastering

If you’re ready to use our Mastering service, you can upload your music directly to us here (link opens in a new tab/page):

Dropbox Direct Upload

*By using this service you have automatically agreed to our terms and conditions listed below.

Please use our free upload service, it’s simple and delivers directly to us. We do not accept deliveries from other third party FTP providers due to the amount of spam and embedded ads. However, as an alternative upload service you are welcome to share a Dropbox link with us. Please send us the link in the form below.
Once we have received the file we will contact you with a Mastering date. Please note Mastering services usually take up to three working days. If you haven’t heard from us within 24 hours regarding your proposed Mastering date, please get in touch using the contact form.

Terms & Conditions

By agreeing to this service, terms and conditions apply.
The client is permitted one recall to the Mastering is not satisfied or an adjustment is required.
Supplying a new mix and asking for a recall is a the discretion of the Mastering Engineer, normally a new session charge will apply unless the Mastering Engineer requests an adjusted mix.
All sales are final. We endeavour so supply complete satisfaction but refunds will not be granted unless in extreme situations and at the discretion of the mastering engineer.
A mastering engineer’s skill is the final deciding factor. Mastering is a combination of creativity, technical ability and accuracy to industry standards. If the client is making unreasonable demands beyond the limitations of the supplied mix the decision of the mastering engineer is final.
Each track uploaded will be auditioned by the Mastering Engineer before any charge is made. Should the supplied mix master not meet the required standards then the client will be informed and the mastering will not take place or be charged. The mastering engineer will endeavour to help the client whenever possible.
The masters supplied will be to digital store standards: WAV file at 44.1khz 16bit, unless specifically requested at time of booking (for example 48k for film standard). Any other format supplied will be charged for. The included 320kbps MP3 is for reference only, ID3 tagging is not supplied as standard.
The Mastering Engineer will not distribute the clients music to any third party. The music remains confidential and the property of the client at all times.
The Mastering Engineer reserves the right to advertise projects worked on unless specifically requested not to by the client.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.