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Mastering Prices

Supplied to you as a standard 16bit 44.1k WAV and high quality MP3

Single track mastering costs £55.00

EP mastering (3+ tracks) & Album mastering  is priced at £65.00 for the first track and £50 per track thereafter. This provides a constant overview of the entire project and balancing of the music within the album/EP/project.

Optional Extras:

HD WAVs (supplied to you as 24bit 96k) incurs an additional £5.00 per track*

Vinyl WAVs (supplied to you as fully compiled side split 24/96 WAVs with accompanying cue sheet) £20 per side (£40 for an A/B master)*

Apple Digital Masters WAVs (previously called MFiT WAV’s, supplied to you as 24bit 44k) incurs an additional £5.00 per track*

Mastering from Stems (maximum of 8 stereo pairs) incurs an additional £30.00 per track

DDP image master (delivered as a zip file for replication) CD text & ISRC encoded. LP = £90.00 EP (up to 4 tracks) = £50.00

Physical CD Reference/PMCD can be supplied for approval or duplication. CD Ref = £5.00 PMCD = £10.00 (includes safety copy) + delivery charges

Hourly rate is billed at £90.00 per hour for complex mastering, editing, long tracks, denoising, etc.

Mastering Recalls (different mix supplied) are usually charged as a fresh mastering.
In some cases a recall charge (to locate and restore the project) of £10.00 applies. If the new mix is the same mastering settings then a discounted rate can apply of £15.00 per track. These charges are discretionary and depend on the project, please enquire first.

Alt Mixes (for example an instrumental/radio version/clean mix of the same track, mastered at the same session) are charged at a discounted rate of £15.00 per track. In some cases a recall charge (to locate and restore the project) of £10.00 applies.

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*Please note, the digital to analogue convertors in the studio run at a high sample rate to supply audio to the analogue hardware. Because of this your project may be upsampled before mastering. As the final recorded file will be higher than 24/44 we can confidently supply you with Apple Digital Masters that will pass Apple’s verification.

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