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Why Master? Why human?

With the runaway success of computer software and hardware in the last decade, more and more recordings are started and finished in project studios or in the home. The quality of the front end interface, the processing power of the computer and the vast collection of plugin hardware emulations available can mean, in theory, that you would never have to step into a professional studio to record and master your… Read More »Why Master? Why human?

Mastered for who?!

Mastering online is a complicated affair, the potential client is faced with a myriad of offers all over the world vying for their mastering projects! So why should you master with us? I suppose the best way to convince you of our mastering heritage is to quietly boast about my previous clients. I have been in this game for a long time and I’m lucky enough (through the commercial studio… Read More »Mastered for who?!

Some Mastering Examples

Here are a couple of examples to show how mastering can affect your music. Two types are presented here, both required very different treatments (these were both recent projects). Example 1, dance music. The mix supplied was quiet and needed considerable gain to bring it into the current EDM loudness levels. Care was taken to not over compress the bass drum and still retain clarity for the mids and highs. Some… Read More »Some Mastering Examples

Welcome to I Master!

Welcome, if you’re reading this then I hope you’ve found the site because you’re interested in mastering your music for release. Over time we plan to add blogs letting you know about projects, customer comments, client’s releases and any general mastering orientated chat! This site is in it’s infancy at the moment, put together in our spare time to promote a service we hope to provide, well, in our spare… Read More »Welcome to I Master!