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Time Machine Vol1

Starfi Electronica - Time Machine Vol.1

This is a full length 24bit 96khz WAV file for Time Machine Vol.1

It should be playable in all media players and servers. It should just happily play without issue, however if you’re playing from a computer, for best results set your computer’s sound card to 96k. The same if you have an external clock for your hifi/studio/starship!

This is a 2.8gb continuous sound file for uninterrupted flow! It has greater depth and presence that standard 16bit 44.1k CD quality WAV (and subsequently the MFiT version) with more detail, clarity and better dynamics. This is how the tracks are written, recorded, mixed and mastered so it’s not just an up-sampled version.

I hope you enjoy the experience.

Starfi Electronica (aka Jason Mitchell)